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蕭涵方 - Manleina


  • 2010 
    • 美國彩繪協會,裝飾藝術家證書(The National Sociery of Tole and Decorative Painters, Inc. - Certified Decorative Artist)
    • 澳洲拼貼協會,拼貼藝術家證書(AustralianInternational Decoupage Association, Inc. - Certified Decoupage Artist)

現在從事設計相關領域與藝術工作,已經有 20 年以上經驗,主要以家具設計和歐式彩繪教學(Folk paintings)  。我個人認為,藝術是精神的文化瑰寶,它是開啟人們心靈之窗的鑰匙,這個看來有點嚴肅的名詞,事實上它卻是十分生活化的,透過藝術文化的接觸與學習,或許能夠替人們找到一些難能可貴的趣味,因此努力推動推廣彩繪藝術。



Manleina 2018, 3 月 自述


Han Fang, Hsiao (b. 1964)

live in Kaohsiung

  • 2010 
    • The National Sociery of Tole and Decorative Painters, Inc.
      • Certified Decorative Artist
    • AustralianInternational Decoupage Association, Inc.
      • Certified Decoupage Artist

My friend calls me Manleina. 

I come from the beautiful island nation in Southeast Asia --- Taiwan. 

I am currently engaged in design related fields and art work, have more 

than 20 years of experience, mainly in furniture design and European 

painting (Folk paintings). I personally believe that art is a cultural treasure of 

the spirit. It is the key to people's spiritual windows. Art may seem just a 

little serious matter. In fact, it is very common in our lives. People may find it fun and interesting through understanding arts and cultural study. 

So, I worked hard on the promotion of painted art, and in 2010, I obtained the 

certificate for the National Society of Tole and Decorative Painters, Inc. and 

The Australian International Decoupage Association Inc., Certified 

Decoupage Artist and hopes to combine the local and traditional culture to influence the current trend. 

We are thankful to be born in this generation. This is the generation where art is everywhere. Free to show ourselves. May the arts calm peoples mind and be a social place between the hearts. 

Recently I breakthrough in creative style, combining ceramics, iron, 

driftwood, mosaics and paintings and hope to show the conflicting beauty of 

composite arts, to create practical and elegant artwork with clear lines full of 

vitality. To make people feel and experience the layout of traditional objects through ingenuity and design. Even the small artwork can be pleasing. And hope to get peoples interest. Thank you for watching my creation. 

by Manleina 2018, March