2019 artexpo NEW YORK

April 4-7


新聞稿 Press Release









My commitment to love. 

What's love? what's peace? And what's tomorrow?

This time we bring compelling artworks to deliver a simple but powerful announcement: “Love makes a better world”.

As love always presents different terms in poem, arts, religions and politics, what are human beings seeking for through love? What are the connection between love and death, between love and limited lifetime? Even between the individual creatures and the Earth?

As facing such an abstract subject, the selected artist interpret love via unique and breathtaking art forms. The ranges of discussion of love in our selected artworks are wide. In the meantime, those diverse styles are forms of action of love, the artworks themselves as a whole and a dynamic eternity.

Begin with Attilio's “Kiss” presents the status of an unrestrained spirit of which extending love and closely linked between  love and be loved. In Lin Siao-Nan's paintings is strong proof of how she loves music and art that integrate into life. 

As a self - loving and compassion are foundations of peace pursuing. Love in other artists’ eyes is interpreted as a way of pursuing a harmonious life with the world. Liao Yen-Li's paintings are as a reflection of how we react our internal selves with external objects. Her works awaken the individuals' realization of an eager being. Artist Mo Kuang, giving a thought-provoking message by painting extinct animal-polar bear; to give us a reminder of how vital it is to extend our self-loving to our surroundings. At the last, Artist Pi-Mei's paintings remind us of the changes of seasons as our unpredictable emotions so that it’s vital to appreciate people and environment and to cherish a harmonious relationship in our living community.

Everyone will eventually face death, 24 hours a day is our equal right, if you hope to do something for the world while being alive, devoting love to the world and the earth, then, love yourself first, please. Time is tic tacking - Love is not just lip service at all.



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